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Mrs.I’m everybody’s type

Mrs. I’m everybody’s type

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who’s the fairest of them all?’-

‘You are, love of mine’-

She answers her question right after the sun had started to shine.

Each day thinking the same,

Having the looks, just for a picture for you to put in a frame.

Video with no audio, a picture with no tone.

Probably thinking- ‘People would kill for what I own.’

They do stare you know,

Trust the glory of her ‘envious’ show.

But looks do lie,

And external beauties die.

What her heart keeps is only her self-love,

Not being ‘the best’ is what she’s afraid of.

What she doesn’t know and the ones that haven’t seen her real face,

Is that she’s so far from being great or truly beautiful what I can tell with grace.

What happens when you get to know Mrs. I’m everybody’s type you wonder?

Simple as that, an empty mind, evil soul and selfishness is what you find under.

So honey why think a pretty face is all you need?

When some people, others find beautiful, have only greed..

Real beauty is what lies inside,

Don’t ever trust that fake Barbie’s show and embrace your beauty with your chests open wide.

All that glitters isn’t gold,

You will be beautiful even when you get old.



If by chance

If by chance

If by chance, she would only turn back,

Through those beautiful still eyes to notice me one more time.

I would hold her in my arms in the nights colored black,

Whisper her this poem, though it doesn’t have to rhyme.

‘Now that I know, you  deserve so much better than what I then gave you,

I know your worth, I know your prize, I know your pride.’

I shivered as the stars that night, listening to the wind and how it blew,

Even the wind sounded like her voice and the stars her face on the sky had dyed,

I continued  to write the poem she shall never hear me say,

Welcomed the sun in the dawn of the day.

‘If by chance you never know how beautiful you are,

Let me say it, because I never did,

If by chance you never forgave me for loving another let me heal that scar,

Never she or any other shall better than you ever be. For you to even think that I forbid.

If by a single chance you ever love someone the way you loved me,

I hope you are happy and believe in love again,

I hope he doesn’t make my mistake. I hope he truly loves you. I hope he gives love to thee.

For I then shall pain, my punishment gain.’

Letter to love


This won’t be an ordinary story. I don’t always plan how my story will go, but this time I know I won’t be putting out a lot of emotions. I will stick to the point.                             So,this is the story of how I reminded myself of loving who I am again and  how I reminded myself of the importance of that. Don’t worry I already said I won’t be expressing much of how I was feeling before, you won’t even notice the darkness of it all, but I will start from the moment when the storm was over.

Last weekend only, I had the best moments!! Spring! Flowers! The smell of the grass! My first debate tournament waiting to happen, my parents so happy for me, excitement, new friends, challenges, joy!! Simply the best weekend so far. The clock was ticking as usual, seconds were passing as when they were before, but the feeling… The feeling was different… As if I am free now. As if I am me and proud of it. Happy. Something that I have been dreaming about for so long! To feel free, to feel happy. I knew at that moment that everything that had brought negativity in my life was put behind. But you know when the big question appeared? At the party. It was right after I overheard my friend telling the boy next to me: “We talked about love. Oooh, and I simply love her! She’s my soulmate.”  She said this through the most honest smile I have seen. And than I thought to myself: “Love?”

Do you ever get those moments? When something clicks in your mind and you finally get the answer correctly? Well, it did happen to me. The music too loud, the people chatting, dancing, singing, drinking… simply living the dream. In all that noise, in that whole crowded place there I was. Dressed up, with freshly put make-up on, pale lips, black heels, a glass of water in front of me and a single question stuck in my head. What would I say about love? What is my definition of love? You know if you asked me a month ago, my answer would have definitely been: “I do not know. I’m not certain.” I would only know how to explain how damaged I was feeling. The people I was hanging out with then, made me feel unworthy, I found betrayal instead of honesty, fake instead of real, lies instead of the truth, tears instead of happiness. But now? Now is different. Like my dad always says, justice is slow but it will eventually come. It did. I said goodbye to those who were taking me for granted. I opened my window to happiness. I realized I was the one that matters. And now the answer would be..? Now I know. Love is my life, love is me, love is mom, love is dad, love is my brother, love is family, love is to learn, love is to laugh, love is all of my passions, love is all around me. Love is all I have. Everything I care about. And I realized it was loving myself that was missing all of that time. It was the main reason why I forgot who and what truly matters. Now that I know, all I think of is to write a letter to my dearest friend. The letter to love.

Dear Love,
Thank you. I could write for days. I could write about my love for God. Of how thankful I am to have everything I already have in my life. I could write about my family, which is my biggest blessing. I could write about myself. Of how thankful I am for my uniqueness, for my perfect imperfections. I could write about my home. For the food and drinks I get. For every single breath I take with love. For every morning coffee and every new lesson in school that I carefully listen to. I could even write about all of my other lives like the ones I get to experience while doing one of my favorite hobbies, reading or watching TV shows. My love for seeking adventures, my love for traveling, for seeing the world, my love for exploring, my love for knowledge, my love for painting, drawing, writing, creating… I could write about everything I love and everyone I love and never get tired, but could simply never be thankful enough for being so blessed. I hope that you have enough space in my heart you know… I know there is always room for more, but I hope that you like it there. I hope that you will never leave me. All I would ask from you is to stay… and maybe grow more and more each day.


your biggest fan.


What is the future going to bring to us


Once upon a time there was nothing.  Neither time nor space. What happened next was an explosion of energy and matter that created the Universe. Somehow life was made. There was the ice age, the agriculture, the total evolution of humankind and there is now. Here we are.  In the luxury of the twenty first century. Being a part of the digital Instagram generation. Enjoying our technology and living in a virtual world, not realizing that we are separating the real life from everything that this virtual world has to offer.

Back in the days people were doing everything by themselves and now we have different machines for different purposes. We also have robots! And we control these machines only by touching their screens. Almost everything is on touch! So that makes me wonder… If time has brought so many changes up until now, what will tomorrow bring?  I must say that we can only assume.

Therefore, all roads lead to this one: we will all become creators of the technology that is going to create and control our life. We will create more and more of it just so it helps us do things instead of us.   For example, we won’t make breakfast by ourselves. There is going to be a machine for that! Or no need of housemaids, or home service, or postman, or taxi drivers… There will be machines! And friendships? Relationships? They will all exist on our social networks’ timelines and memories, but none of them would be real. It would all just be one simple illusion that humans have created.

However, considering all of the past changes in the world, anything is possible! We can never tell how humans will develop their reality. All we can do is let time do it’s thing.

About me

Most people have dreams. Most people have goals. There are people that do not really have a plan. They simply go with the flow. They let the waves carry them and see where they’ll end up. I for instance do not really know which of these groups I belong to. I’m still trying to find myself. What I love, what I’m passionate about. As we grow we learn more and more about ourselves and one of the few things I’m very certain about is that I simply love writing! I love writing since I’ve started reading. And I think I will write as long as I live. The reason is simple. I enjoy creating my own reality. Changing the chemistry of my body, of a situation, expressing my thoughts and making everything seem much better than it already is. Writing can change and save a life. You should try it sometime if you haven’t yet.

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